Led Retrofit Light Fixtures—Benefits To Installing

What do we mean when we use the term to retrofit. I spent twenty plus years in the replacement lighting industry as an outside salesman and business owner and every time I mentioned that term to a potential customer they would just throw up their arms and say, “what are you talking about, what does that mean?” In lighting terms to retrofit means to replace an existing fixture with a new and better product that gives more efficient light with considerable energy savings. The Led Retrofit Light fixtures accomplish just that!

In recent years the retrofit concept has progressed due to upgrades in technology. These upgrades have targeted countless applications with retrofit fixtures suitable for businesses and homes. But, there are still unbelievers in the concept. These doubts have resulted in numerous opportunities for retrofitting products to be sold. Even though, the market is not saturated at this time it is quickly approaching that status.

The majority of electricians today installing fixtures for new builds and remodels have grasped the retrofit concept. The increase in the market for led retrofits have resulted in an increase of innovative products. Shouldn’t every homeowner and business owner follow the Electricians lead. Therefore, taking advantage of the numerous benefits that the Led products make available to them. What are these benefits?

1. Energy Savings Galore!

Do you want to save energy in your lighting costs. Saving energy equates to saving money! Do you like saving money? I do and I’m sure you do also.

So, Retrofit! Retrofit! Retrofit! and save gobs of energy! Buckets of cash! Well maybe not buckets, but you get the idea.

SEVARAL EXAMPLES: (I’ll try not to get to technical)

  • Suppose you have a building that has 100 two bulb T12 8’ fluorescent lighting fixtures, you will consume approximately 16,200 watts of energy. By, retrofitting those same 100 fixtures to T8 8’ Led tandem fixtures (4 4’ Led bulbs per fixture) you can slash that energy consumption to approximately 5200 watts. Savings galore!
    • You as a homeowner have ceiling cans throughout your home which require a 75watt reflector lamp, they can be retrofitted to the Led cans that require only 12 watts of energy consumption, your energy savings would be 84%. It is really a no brainer!

    2. Longevity—Hours upon Hours of Use!

    A second benefit of retrofitting to a Led product is longevity. LEDs will last like a bad cold, they are like the energizer bunny they just keep on going and going. Led products are rated from 10,000 to 100,000 hours of average life depending upon the type of Led. The longer the product lasts, the more bang the consumer gets for their buck, so to speak.

    No one likes changing light bulbs. Electricians absolutely hate it and if you hire them to change your lights it will cost you dearly. Don’t get me wrong I’m not cutting down the electrician, they have to charge for their time. The Led is the best product on the market to alleviate the need to change burnouts so often. However, no product is exempt from failure. I used to tell my customers, “that they are not made by God and they are not shipped in by angles.”

    A key factor of the Led having longevity is that the Led doesn’t have a wire filament. If a wire filament is present it is a leading factor contributing to the premature burnout issue which plagues incandescent and fluorescent lighting products.

    The absence of a filament in LEDs reduces the heat factor.

    3. Reduced Heat Factor

    The light emitting diode (LED) operates with less energy, lasts longer than any other lighting product and operates with far less heat producing a (reduced heat factor).

    The reduced heat factor equates for even more savings to the building owner. The Led lighting product produces less heat being distributed by the operating fixture it is burning in. So, what are the benefits available to the consumer due to the reduction of the heat factor?

    • Longer lasting product
    • Ability to handle bulbs without injury to hands
    • Savings on Air conditioning costs
    • Less fixture damage

    4. Superb Quality of Light Output

    I think everyone reading this article would agree that good quality light is desired from every lighting product they purchase. No one wants a poor quality of light when superior light quality is available to them. So, what determines the quality of a light bulb. First of all it really depends on what the consumer prefers and not everyone has the same preference.

    Let me educate you on the Kelvin Temperature of a bulb and the Color Rendering Index two factors that determine the quality of light output.

    • First, what is Kelvin Temperature also known as color temperature, in regard to lighting?

    This term refers to the color of light given off by a lighting product. It can be determined by using a temperature scale. , a,a black metal object is heated to a certain temperature a corresponding light color is given off. Lower temperatures give off a warm color while higher temperatures give off a white to blue color.

    Hence, a 3500 Kelvin bulb gives off a light that is warm and has more reds and yellows, while a 5000 Kelvin bulb gives off a light that is brighter with white and blues. Clear as mud, right!

    • Secondly, what is The Clor Rendering Index?

    What is meant when someone refers to the color rendering index of a light bulb? The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is based on how accurate the eye is at seeing color of a light source. It is measured by a numeric number representing a percentage from 0-100. A CRI of 85 to 90 is considered excellent in rendering see able light. A high CRI is also important in reducing eye strain and eye fatigue, therefore producing a quality light.

      Finial Thoughts

      The Led is a superb lighting product in more ways than one as discussed here. They are truly the light of the future. They are the best retrofit choice for now. But, technology has always been at work to invent more innovative products. Until then, my recommendation for every homeowner and business owner. Retrofit, Retrofit, Retrofit!

      6 thoughts on “Led Retrofit Light Fixtures—Benefits To Installing

      1. Henderson Reply

        Thank you for such a fabulous post. I think I have heard the term retrofit in some places sometimes but I didn’t really get what it meant at all until now. Well led lights are really beautiful but I didn’t know they consumed lesser power and conducted less heat too. I think I’ll retrofit to a led and enjoy good light at an affordable cost. Thank you for enlightening me. 

        • admin Reply

          Thanks for the review. It is greatly appreciated. I’m glad be of assistance to inspiring you to consider retrofitting to a more efficient and cost effective solution. Please follow me so that we can keep in touch. I look forward to hearing how the retrofit project might progress. Thanks again for the kind words.

      2. Dave Sweney Reply

        The retrofitting of my lights for every bulb in and around the house is a project that I have been considering for a long time. I have done a few so far, and see that I can save energy, money, and help the environment. It really makes a lot of sense to take on this project and get it done.

        Two factors that you add to my consideration that I had not thought of are the reduced heat and the quality of light that I can realize when I get this done. There are also a lot of new technologies that I have seen which means I can take the use of lighting to a new level.

        Overall, there is no reason not to make this change, and your article has reminded me that this project needs to go to the top of the list. I have some friends that can do the job at cost plus a small bit of money for them, so I have no excuse. Now that I have the inspiration from your excellent post, this is going to happen.

        Are there any particular brands or design that you would recommend using? There are quite a few options available, and knowing which to use and which to stay away from would help. Thanks!

        • admin Reply

          Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words. I’m glad my passion for good quality lighting helped inspire you  to want to move forward with this project. Let me know how it goes. Please follow me. Thanks again.

      3. Danielle Davis Reply

        I am in the process of remodeling my home and I’m looking for stuff that will save me money now and in the long run. Are lights are always going out and flickering so these retrofit light fixtures sound great. I am going to look more into this. Are these good for the bathroom?

        • Charley Fisk Post authorReply

          Thanks for commenting on my recent article. I’m so glad your are going to look into retrofitting. Yes, they make an excellent solution for any area of your home that you might be having lighting issues. Please follow me so that we can keep in touch with your progress. 

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