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A kitchen remodel can be a project that may increase the value of your home. Realtors estimate that it could increase the value by as much as 6%. The kitchen can be the focal point of any home. Wouldn’t you agree, that a majority of family time and interaction takes place in the kitchen. A modern up to date kitchen is desired by nearly all homeowners. Good quality lighting can play an important role in brightening up the kitchen making it appear more modern. LED Lighting Fixtures Home kitchen remodel products have become the solution for updating to a modern more innovative light.

Homeowners don’t want a dingy, dull, dark kitchen. It is so depressing not to be able to see clearly when preparing a meal for the family you love dearly. A bright light with adequate lumen output is so important when seasoning and preparing a dish. LED products produce such light qualities making it a desired solution for up dating the lighting in a kitchen.

There are available to the homeowner a myriad of Led products suitable for application in a kitchen remodel . We will discuss five of the most popular of those products.

1. Under cabinet

The first fixture product class to discuss here is the under cabinet fixture. This product is available in a variety of styles such as:

  • Strip tape lights—Tape lights come in many different colors for any desired ambiance. This light is excellent for installing anywhere desired. This product is a tape with LEDs on one side and adhesive on the other side for applying to the area to be installed. The brightness and lumen output is determined by the number of LEDs per linear foot.
  • Puck lights— puck lights are a surface mount round fixture that has the appearance similar to a fire alarm, but it is a fixture. That is the best I can describe it. It delivers light to a counter top with a tighter spot like beam pattern. This fixture can be found at
  • Track lights— track lights are a series of individual fixtures that are mounted In a linear pattern usually on a track. These fixtures come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, making them perfect for an update to a more modern theme for a kitchen lighting remodel. They are often mounted under cabinet where they can be turned in the direction where brighter light is desired.
  • Recessed mount—Recessed mount fixtures are mounted flush with the under cabinet with the purpose of hiding the fixture from sight . It gives an appearance of the cabinet actually being the light fixture.
  • Light bars— Light bars are linear light fixtures consisting of a strip of LEDs usually covered with an opaque to clear diffuser. These fixtures are excellent for providing a uniformly dispersed light to a specified area, usually a counter top. They come in various lengths from eighteen inches to three or four feet.

2. Flush Mount

Flush mount fixtures are an excellent choice for sprucing up any drabby kitchen. They are round or linear, usually attached to the ceiling, giving a modern clean appearance.

Wraparound fixtures are classified as a flush mount. They are not new to the industry. They are a very common design associated with fluorescent fixtures. But, improved LED designs have added a modern flair to the wraparound making it an excellent choice for ceiling applications in a modern kitchen remodel. These fixtures produce a tremendous amount of light output due to the amount of LED strips or tubes they contain.

3. Panel Light

Next is a LED panel light. This light is designed to replace a 2 or 4 foot troffer. Panel lights are recessed in the ceiling. They are sometimes mounted in a decorative frame suspended from the ceiling depending on the architecture of a remodel . The panel light is not designed for ambiance, but for bright light to the floor and counter tops of a kitchen.

However, a panel light is very versatile because they are dimmable resulting in ambiance being achieved. Panel lights are very thin displaying a modern appearance making them an excellent choice for a modern kitchen remodel.

4. Recessed Mount

A Recessed mount fixture is designed to be mounted in the ceiling of a structure, particularly ceiling cans. Technology has introduced a wafer thin LED retrofit for a can light which achieves the goal of making the room appear up to date and very modern.

These fixtures have the capabilities of changing colors and brightness by the use of a remote control. The homeowner can choose the color of light and the brightness and quality of light desired by the flick of a button. These fixtures are way next level cool technology. They have appeared on the market just recently at an affordable price with superior quality features.

5. Pendant    

A LED pendent light design displays a very modern decor. These lights are usually installed over a breakfast bar or kitchen island. These fixtures are mounted from the ceiling, extending downward to just above the area for desired light. A pendent fixture has the such a modern appearance adding so much class to a kitchen remodel. These fixtures bring elegance to the modern kitchen. An example of these fixtures can be found at

Final Thoughts

We have only touched the tip of the iceberg in regard to the LED kitchen light fixtures available for an upgrade or remodel. The bottom line is the decision is entirely dependent on the homeowners style and desired taste. We just touched on the modern kitchen theme. This theme may not apply to everyone as well as our suggestions. Our recommendations are not set in stone.

I do suggest extensive research be utilized to make any remodel a dream come true. Therefore, avoiding any heartaches and complications. Wise planning along with hiring professional assistance is essential for any remodel success.

But, if you possess the essential skills to accomplish the task. Then, go for it! I wish all who embark on this endeavor the best lighting experience possible



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